Introduction of foldable logistics trolley

Addtime: 2020/7/9 16:14:30

The foldable logistics trolley can be simply folded into L-shape, which will not take up a lot of space; the transportation tools of logistics industry and production industry can make the production line space operate as much as possible; it is widely used in the goods distribution of supermarkets, food, electronics and other industries; planning production, saving human resources, reducing costs, so as to improve the production capacity; High quality handling mainstream, to ensure the safety of personnel and goods in the process of handling; storage space is large, space application is flexible, foldable collection does not occupy space; with signboard, clear process operation, light and flexible transportation, simple operation; surface powder coating, long service life; with safety fixed rod, fast loading and unloading speed, can be transported with the truck. Can make non-standard size according to different requirements of customers|
Logistics trolley can also play an important role in production enterprises; flexible application of logistics trolley can greatly improve the production efficiency of parts in the whole process from storage to the starting point of production line and to the final finished product;
conclusion: logistics trolley can play an important role in production enterprises
1. Parts library
The efficiency of finding spare parts is greatly improved. As long as the type and quantity of spare parts are separated from each other and loaded on the logistics trolley, the picking operation can be completed.
in this paper, the sorting process of spare parts is analyzed
2. Upper production line
It can be simply sent to the production line, and the parts can be sent quickly with the instruction requirements of the production line;
the system can be used to send the components to the production line
3. Assembly
It can be pushed to the hand for easy production operation, and the goods can be taken out immediately from the production line, which can greatly improve the production efficiency;
in this way, the production efficiency can be greatly improved
4. Empty car return
It can be folded up simply. When not in use, the space occupied by folding is about 1 / 4 of that when opened.