Advantages and characteristics of logistics trolley

Addtime: 2020/7/9 16:14:30

The display of products stored in logistics trolley is eye-catching, which can protect the safety of materials on the one hand. On the other hand, it will not cause clutter to the sorted and equipped products. The wheel is usually designed as two directional wheels and two universal wheels to facilitate manual pushing. Logistics trolley can carry 500kg weight. The logistics trolley has the following characteristics:
1. It can be used with the unloading platform to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods;
2. It can make the production temporary storage more standardized;
3. It can be folded and stored without taking up space;
4. It is suitable for the storage of spare parts on the production line and can be stored at a glance;
5. The assembly line is convenient and convenient to improve the work efficiency;
6. The materials are transported on the line quickly and correctly without mistakes;
7. Disassembly and assembly Fast and convenient, saving storage space more than 1 / 4.